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Brevet Electronic Proof of Passage Trial

SIR is going to offer a form of Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP) for this weekend’s Spring 200 km brevet. This is a trial of the system. Anyone is free to participate or to continue using a brevet card instead.

The EPP method we will use relies on checking a gps track against the control locations. This is the only form of EPP that will be accepted.

If you choose to participate, you must upload your ride track to Ride with GPS. Then provide the link to the track on a Google Form. The form will be linked on the ride page on the SIR site. The deadline for submitting your track will be 5:00 PM Sunday. We will not send reminders to provide your track.

Everyone will be provided a brevet card at the start. At the finish you may choose whether to hand it in or inform the control staff you will be submitting a ride track. Failure to submit a track, or submitting an unusable track, will result in a DNF equivalent to losing your brevet card. While we are trialing the system we will work with riders to fix problems. You may use both methods if you like.

The system has been tested by roughly ten riders on two events with no problems. Feedback and testing with tracks from a wider variety of gps devices should help us improve the system, and decide whether to offer brevet EPP in the future.

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Permanents: Known Road Closures

Road construction and natural disasters often close roads our permanents use. The permanents team tries to post information about these closures on the Detours page. Formerly we posted lists of affected routes… but that has proven to be too much work to maintain.

Going forward, we will post a general description of the closure, dates of the closure if known, and links to official web pages about the closure, if available.

We will suggest detours. However, if there are no viable detours, routes will be deactivated until the roads are reopened.


The detours page is also linked on the Perminator “Find a Permanent” page, and in the approval email the Perminator sends when you register for a permanent.

The permanents team makes no guarantee that the list of closures is complete. Riders are always responsible for checking for closures before starting a ride. To help with this, the detours page has links to several county road conditions websites. Also, Google Maps in Traffic View will show closures Google knows about. You will need to zoom in several steps to make closures on secondary roads visible.

If you have other resources for checking closures, please share them in the comments below.

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The SIR Ride with GPS Club Account

by Bill Gobie

You may have noticed that SIR’s Ride with GPS routes are in the Seattle International Randonneurs club account. The club account gives SIR members some great benefits.

Even if you only have a free basic RwGPS account, SIR members can access RwGPS’ premium-level features for SIR brevets and permanents. These features are:

  • If you use the RwGPS mobile app on your phone you get:
    • Voice navigation – your phone speaks each cue.
    • Offline maps – you can download the route and required maps to your phone, then navigate in areas without cell coverage. You can navigate with your phone in airplane mode to save power and data usage.
  • If you use a gps that uses TCX files, you get advanced turn notifications, which has your gps alert you prior to arriving at a turn. The distance before turns is customizable.
  • If you use a Garmin Edge GPS, you can use the Write to Garmin function to load a route onto your Garmin.
  • You can use the PDF Maps and Cuesheets features to produce printed directions. Since randonneur events must provide a cuesheet, these features are not very important for SIR members.

How to join the club account

  1. First you need to have a personal Ride with GPS account. Go to: and sign up. You only need to sign up for a free account.
  2. Go to the SIR RwGPS club main page: Click on “Apply to join” and fill out the form. The account administrator will check that you are an SIR member and approve your membership.
  3. Once you are approved, your personal RwGPS home page will list SIR under Clubs in the left sidebar.

How to use your club membership

  1. Log in to your personal RwGPS account.
  2. Click on the SIR club link in the left sidebar on your personal RwGPS account home page. You will be taken to the SIR Club page.
  3. Scroll down to the Route Library. You can sort the routes by clicking on the column headings. You can use the Filters to efficiently find a route. You can filter by:
    • Route name or permanent number
    • Tag. We try to tag all the routes as permanents or brevets, by distance, and year for brevets. There are other tags, too, which you will see on the popup menu.
    • Location. Location is the city or county where a route starts, as determined by RwGPS.
  4. You can go to a route by clicking on a link, for example, in an SIR brevet description page. To get the premium features make sure you are signed into the club account first.
  5. You should watch Ride with GPS’ video to see how to use the premium features, such as downloading a route to your phone.


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2017 Draft Calendar

Our calendar for 2017 ACP events has to be submitted by September 30th. Here’s a draft. Ideas welcome. Not all conflicts (with holidays, other rides, wedding anniversaries, etc) can be avoided, but let me know if there are some particularly bad problems. All rides dependent on finding willing volunteers to manage them.

Jan-Feb – Winter Training Series
Sat 3/11 – Spring Populaire

Sat 3/18 – Spring 200k
Sat 3/25 – Olympia 200k
Sat 4/8 – Spring 300k
Sat 4/15 – Olympia 300k

Fri 4/21 – Sun 4/23 – Fleche NW
Thu 5/11–Sun 5/14 – NW Crank
Sat 5/6–Sun 5/14 NWC Brevet Week (Sat 5/6 – 600k / 1000k; Tue 5/9 – 300k; Wed 5/10 – 400k; Sun 5/14 – 200k)

Sat 5/20 – Spring 400k
Sat 6/03 – Spring 600k
Fri 6/23 – Spring 1000k

Sat 7/8 – Summer Populaire
Sat 7/15 – Summer 200k
Sat 7/29 – Summer 300k
Sat 8/12 – Summer 400k
Sat 8/26 – Summer 600k
Fri 9/15 – Summer 1000k

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2016 Cascade 1200K Volunteers and Registration News

Cascade 1200K

Great events don’t happen without great volunteers!

The 2016 Cascade 1200K is June 17-21, 2016 and we need help in ALL of the following areas:

  • 6/17 bike inspections (Mt. Vernon)
  • 6/18, 6/19/ & 6/20 overnight controls (Packwood, Moses Lake, Mazama)
  • 6/18, 6/19 & 6/20 daytime controls (locations TBD)
  • airport pick-ups and drop-offs (between SEA & Mt. Vernon)
  • Baggage truck driver(s)

If you think you can help (even if it’s tentative), please complete the form here.
We promise not to hold your first born children hostage if you have to withdraw your interest.

Registration for the 2016 Cascade 1200 opens on Saturday January 9th.

Complete registration details can be found here:
(Additional details regarding hotel locations will be up shortly.)

Check out the FAQ page here:

If you have any questions that are not answered by a review of those two pages, please feel free to post a question here or send an email to: cascade1200 @ seattlerandonneur . org

note: .

Note:  A *limited number* of volunteers making significant contributions during the event may be offered the opportunity to join the pre-ride.   Invitations to join the pre-ride are at the sole discretion of the organizers (Susan & Charlie) and will *not* be available to all volunteers.   Thank you in advance for your understanding.

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Call for 2016 Ride Organizers/Volunteers

The SIR Annual Meeting is this Saturday and it’s a great opportunity to meet up with your ride buddies and get a recap of 2015. It’s also where we look forward to the 2016 calendar and step up as ride organizers and volunteers.

If can organize, or help organize, any of our 2016 rides (see calendar below) please leave a comment or contact RBA Mark Thomas.

Update 10/14/15: Thanks to the many volunteers who have offered help! Rides that still need an organizer are in bold, below. (You can still help out with the other rides, of course.)

SIR Meeting in Issaquah

Sat 3/5 – Spring Populaire
Sat 3/12 – Spring 200k
Sat 3/19 – Olympia 200k – Corey T & Stephanie R
Sat 3/26 – Spring 300k – Adam G & Mitch I
Sat 4/2 – Olympia 300k – Millison F

Fri 4/15Sun 4/17 – Fleche NW – Theo R

Thu 4/28Sun 5/1 – NW Crank – Greg C & Rose P
Sun 4/23Sun 5/1 NWC Brevet Week (Sat 4/23 – 600k / 1000k; Tue 4/26 – 300k; Wed 4/27 – 400k; Sun 5/1 – 200k)

Fri 5/6 – Night start 100k – Dominique B

Sat 5/14 – Spring 400k
Sat 5/28 – Spring 600k

Sat 6/4 – “Dryside” RUSA 200k adventure brevet – Shiggy P

Sat 6/18 – Cascade 1200/1000 – Charlie W & Susan O

Sat 7/9 – Summer Populaire
Sat 7/16 – Summer 200k
Sat 7/31 – Summer 300k
Thu 8/11 – Summer 1000k
Sat 8/20 – Summer 400k
Sat 9/3 – Summer 600k

Fri 9/23 – Fall 1000k – Crater Lake? Bill G ?
TBA – Mountain Populaire


We’re also looking for blog contributors. Please let me know if you’d like to help out.  – Theo

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March Rando Recap

Rando season is in full effect for SIR starting with the 100K Spring Populaire on March 7th.

Carol and Ralph

Carol and Ralph Nussbaum’s 45th Anniversary at the Spring Populaire

130 riders finished the Spring Populaire under sunny skies. Zeek’s pizza was packed as riders poured in over a three hour period and the room was filled with laughter and conversation.  We had new riders (hope to see y’all again soon!) and many familiar faces.  Ralph and Carol Nussbaum celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at the finish, bringing a beautiful (and delicious) cake to share.

Used Randos

“Garage sale. Used randos.” Photo by Mark Thomas

The “Escape From Seattle” 200K on March 14th started a bit more ominously, under stormy skies. Fortunately, the rain ended fairly early in the ride.  Gray skies persisted most of the day, with a break in the clouds revealing the Olympic Range to many riders on the inbound leg.  Jan Heine’s writeup is a great account of the ride.  Geoff Hazel shares his perspective with valuable Lessons Learned.  The finish at Mark and Jan Roberts’s house was delightful, with Jan’s home cooked chili and beer from the Llama’s Brewing Company, their son Sean’s tasty venture into craft brewing.

Climbing a steep pitch

Climbers. Photo by Fred Blasdel

The SIR 300 yesterday was perfect. All the reasons we ride=great friends, spectacular scenery, challenging hills and more hills ^^^, and outstanding volunteers.” – Jan Acuff

The Bahn Mi 300K was an excellent and challenging course out to anything-but-flat Camano Island. The sunny weather of the populaire returned for the afternoon along with the headwinds of the 200K. Best of both worlds? I think so. Big thanks to the volunteers staffing this one: Gary Prince for organizing, Charlie and Kathy White for running the lunch control out of their house, Wayne Methner for staffing the Camano Island State Park stop (at the bottom of a steep hill), and Vinny Muoneke at the finish.  There were others and I apologize for leaving you off the list! Let me know and I’ll update with names.  It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off a big ride like this (80+ riders) and we appreciate all of your work.

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New Record: 13 SIR K-Hounds

If you’ve been hearing howling, that’s our record-setting pack of 13 K-Hounds! 

K-Hound Logo

The K-Hound award represents 10,000K of randonneuring in one year. A few of our beloved overachievers rode 1.5x or 2x that distance. In total, they rode 149,880K+ (some results still pending) — that’s enough for a Galaxy and a Mondial award, or to wrap around the equator 3.75 times.

Last year, SIR took the lead for most K-Hounds in any one club with 10 members riding the required distance. This year we bested ourselves with 13, thanks to several repeats and a few first time K-Hounds.

Here are the K-Hounds and their distances as of (12/28/2014 at 23:24). And a hearty congratulations to all!


Jan Acuff (#2163) 11,134K

Rick Blacker (#2806)

Rick Blacker (#2806) 10,094K


Jason Hansen (#6652) 10,026K (first)

Hugh Kimball

Hugh Kimball (#4914) 22,651K

Joe Llona

Joe Llona (#3439) 10,128K (first)

Audunn Ludviksson

Audunn Ludviksson (#7563) 10,840K


Keith Moore (#5355) 10,391K (first)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004) 15,086K

John Pearch (#5290)

John Pearch (#5290) 10,358K


Theo Roffe (#5988) 10,006K (first)

Andy Speier

Andy Speier (#3911) 10,202K

Geoff Swarts

Geoff Swarts (#4089) 13,953K


Mark Thomas (#64) 15341K


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Annual Road Cleanup

On Sunday, November 2nd, several SIR members cleaned up a stretch of road officially near Lake Sammamish adopted by our club. After coffee and a safety briefing, they were assigned safety vests (Mark brought his own), hard hats, and arm extenders for picking up litter.

Narayan Krishnamoorthy, Hugh Kimball, Wayne Methner, Bill Dussler, Douglas Gemin and Jan Acuff at Lake Sammamish. Photo by Mark

Narayan Krishnamoorthy, Hugh Kimball, Wayne Methner, Bill Dussler, Douglas Gemin and Jan Acuff at Lake Sammamish. Photo by Mark Thomas

SIR has been cleaning this stretch of road since 2007.  Amy Pieper “proposed getting involved with the Adopt-A-Road program as a way to give back to a community through which [SIR] often cycled” [1]  She told the paper, “We chose East Lake Sammamish Parkway for our Adopt-A-Road project because of its popularity amongst cyclists, its visibility to motorists, and its fairly central location for our membership.”

In 2008, Mark Thomas noted on his blog[2]  that “although most of the roadside trash appeared to have originated from passing cars, we did find empty gel packets and energy bar wrappers suggesting that we cyclists aren’t always the best of citizens either.” He suggested a simple solution: “Let’s put the empties back in our jersey pockets, ok?” This is an important point. While it’s great that some of our members head out to clean up our adopted road each October, all of us need to do our part throughout the year by keeping litter off the road in the first place.

Let’s thank our fellow club members for their work this weekend and, if we can, join them in the effort next year.

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2014 Annual Meeting

This past Sunday, October 26th, was the SIR Annual Meeting. About 60 SIRs came to the Rogue Meeting Hall in Issaquah, WA for food, beer, socializing without helmets, and Mark Thomas’s presentation recapping a big year of riding for the club. Some of us came early to pick up the newest batch of wool jerseys (thanks Amy Pieper!) and permanent cards (thanks Jeff Loomis!). Jeff arrived lugging one of those 19 gallon blue IKEA shopping bags full of permanent cards. Of course, he’s more organized than I am, so they were boxed in alphabetical order and not just tossed into the bag. Jan Acuff and Hugh Kimball took home, collectively, about half of the perm cards.

Jan and Hugh with perm card stacks

Jan Acuff and Hugh Kimball take home some serious stacks of perm cards. Apparently this is how Hugh fuels his winter riding.
Photo by Susan Otcenas


Mark Thomas called for attention while we sat down and filled up on pasta, cold-cuts, garlic bread, and, yes, beer. We voted for club officers: Mark for President/RBA, Eric Vigoren for Treasurer, and Theo Roffe (that’s me!) for Newsletter Editor. All three ran unopposed and won.

One phrase I kept hearing around the room was “best club in the country.” It was easy to see why as Mark presented the club’s accomplishments of the last year (check out his entire slide show at the end of this post).

Let’s start with the riding. Participation in SIR events added up to 474,173KM this year* (brevets, populaires, the flèche, and perms). The 300 SIR members rode 380,000 RUSA KMs . We earned 2,064 ACP Points, putting us ahead of all but one club in the country (for every 100K of ACP brevets completed by one rider, the club gets one point). But we came in first for RUSA Points with 3,188.  Our 18 ACP brevets were attended by 622 riders (including our members). Cascade 1200 had 85, Flèche NW 50, and our 3 RUSA populaires had 192.

All that riding earned a lot of awards:

  • 5 K-Hounds (with the possibility of several more before the year ends)
  • 5 new RUSA Mondial Awards
  • 51 ACP Super Randonneurs
  • 22 R-12 Awards since 2013 meeting
  • 13 P-12 Awards since 2013 meeting
  • 3 new Ultra Randonneurs
  • 4 new RUSA Cups

But it doesn’t end with the riding. SIR members are a volunteeristic bunch, so you’re sure to see a smiling face at a control, whether if it’s raining in the middle of the night in Olympia or 100F in the exposed hills outside of Bickleton.  There’s always someone at the finish to hand you an adult recovery beverage, a slice of pizza, and congratulate you on your effort.

Despite all of those good reasons to stay in Washington, SIR members keep seeking out new roads in places all over the world. Here is a list of Grande Randonnées abroad which were attended by at least one SIR (often several):

  • Tour de Tasmanie (Australia)
  • Murray 1200 (Australia)
  • Giro Delle Repubbliche Marinare (Italy)
  • Grande Randonnée (Korea)
  • 1000 and One lakes (Russia-Finland)
  • Sverigetempot (Sweden)
  • Ronde Aliénor d’Aquitaine (France)
  • Hokkaido 1200 (Japan)
  • VanIsle 1200 (Canada)
  • Grosse Bayer Rundfahrt (Germany)
  • Merselo Verona 1200 (Holland-Germany-Austria-Switzerland-Italy)
  • Perth-Albany-Perth (Australia)

Paris-Brest-Paris is August 16, 2015, so there will be a lot more of us abroad next year. And with a full calendar in 2015, there are plenty of opportunities to qualify.

Just when we were all feeling really good and really proud of ourselves, Mark brought the 2015 ride schedule with several dates in red – we needed volunteers! Several folks stepped up to help, but there is still some need. So get in touch if you’d like to organize any of these riders:

08/01 300k
08/02 200k
09/26 100k

Here’s Mark’s entire presentation. Simply click on it to advance the slides.

*You’ve got to stop counting somewhere, so Mark’s stats stop 10/23/2014.

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