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New Record: 13 SIR K-Hounds

If you’ve been hearing howling, that’s our record-setting pack of 13 K-Hounds! 

K-Hound Logo

The K-Hound award represents 10,000K of randonneuring in one year. A few of our beloved overachievers rode 1.5x or 2x that distance. In total, they rode 149,880K+ (some results still pending) — that’s enough for a Galaxy and a Mondial award, or to wrap around the equator 3.75 times.

Last year, SIR took the lead for most K-Hounds in any one club with 10 members riding the required distance. This year we bested ourselves with 13, thanks to several repeats and a few first time K-Hounds.

Here are the K-Hounds and their distances as of (12/28/2014 at 23:24). And a hearty congratulations to all!


Jan Acuff (#2163) 11,134K

Rick Blacker (#2806)

Rick Blacker (#2806) 10,094K


Jason Hansen (#6652) 10,026K (first)

Hugh Kimball

Hugh Kimball (#4914) 22,651K

Joe Llona

Joe Llona (#3439) 10,128K (first)

Audunn Ludviksson

Audunn Ludviksson (#7563) 10,840K


Keith Moore (#5355) 10,391K (first)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004) 15,086K

John Pearch (#5290)

John Pearch (#5290) 10,358K


Theo Roffe (#5988) 10,006K (first)

Andy Speier

Andy Speier (#3911) 10,202K

Geoff Swarts

Geoff Swarts (#4089) 13,953K


Mark Thomas (#64) 15341K


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