March Rando Recap

Rando season is in full effect for SIR starting with the 100K Spring Populaire on March 7th.

Carol and Ralph

Carol and Ralph Nussbaum’s 45th Anniversary at the Spring Populaire

130 riders finished the Spring Populaire under sunny skies. Zeek’s pizza was packed as riders poured in over a three hour period and the room was filled with laughter and conversation.  We had new riders (hope to see y’all again soon!) and many familiar faces.  Ralph and Carol Nussbaum celebrated their 45th wedding anniversary at the finish, bringing a beautiful (and delicious) cake to share.

Used Randos

“Garage sale. Used randos.” Photo by Mark Thomas

The “Escape From Seattle” 200K on March 14th started a bit more ominously, under stormy skies. Fortunately, the rain ended fairly early in the ride.  Gray skies persisted most of the day, with a break in the clouds revealing the Olympic Range to many riders on the inbound leg.  Jan Heine’s writeup is a great account of the ride.  Geoff Hazel shares his perspective with valuable Lessons Learned.  The finish at Mark and Jan Roberts’s house was delightful, with Jan’s home cooked chili and beer from the Llama’s Brewing Company, their son Sean’s tasty venture into craft brewing.

Climbing a steep pitch

Climbers. Photo by Fred Blasdel

The SIR 300 yesterday was perfect. All the reasons we ride=great friends, spectacular scenery, challenging hills and more hills ^^^, and outstanding volunteers.” – Jan Acuff

The Bahn Mi 300K was an excellent and challenging course out to anything-but-flat Camano Island. The sunny weather of the populaire returned for the afternoon along with the headwinds of the 200K. Best of both worlds? I think so. Big thanks to the volunteers staffing this one: Gary Prince for organizing, Charlie and Kathy White for running the lunch control out of their house, Wayne Methner for staffing the Camano Island State Park stop (at the bottom of a steep hill), and Vinny Muoneke at the finish.  There were others and I apologize for leaving you off the list! Let me know and I’ll update with names.  It takes a lot of volunteers to pull off a big ride like this (80+ riders) and we appreciate all of your work.

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