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Parking for 2022 Spring 600k Brevet – Olympic Peninsula Spin

Historically this route has been based in Kingston or Bremerton. The only motel in Kingston burned down. The Seattle-Bremerton ferry is hobbled by crew shortages – with the reduced schedule the ride could not start before 9 AM, wasting almost four hours of daylight. Consequently this year the ride starts in Southworth and ends in Bainbridge. Starting in Southworth lets us begin at 6:15AM, almost an hour earlier than we used to start from other locations. Riders should spend less time in the dark reaching the overnight at Forks. All riders who finish in time will be able to catch a ferry from Bainbridge back to Seattle.

Separating the start and finish adds some logistical challenges. Recommended parking is at the West Seattle Park and Ride, aka Southwest Spokane St Park and Ride, under the west end of the West Seattle high bridge. Drop bags will be collected at the P&R. Riders will need to ride to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal, about 3 miles away including a climb up Avalon Way. Upon returning to Seattle you will need to ride about four miles from the Seattle ferry terminal to the Park and Ride, including a climb up the West Seattle low bridge.

Driving to the Park and Ride is not complicated. Unfortunately, online mapping services may not get you to the Park and Ride. Google Maps does not know how to drive the final 200 yards to the P&R entrance.

Please follow these written directions

For everyone: The P&R is only accessible from westbound SW Spokane St!

Once you reach the 5-way intersection at the west end of the low bridge:

  • Get onto westbound Chelan Ave SW.
  • The street turns slightly right and becomes SW Spokane St.
  • Get in the left lane
  • Go under the sign for Admiral Way
  • As the street starts going uphill look for the P&R sign and entrance on the left

Here is a video of driving from the 5-way intersection to the Park & Ride. Note that most of you will enter the intersection from the low bridge, which is on the right at the beginning of the video.

If you do not need to cross the lower West Seattle bridge: Use Google for directions to the Chelan Cafe. Then proceed as described above.

If you are coming from I-5, I-90, WA-99, or Beacon Hill/SODO: You cannot rely on Google Maps to give you an efficient route. It does not dependably account for the low bridge’s unrestricted hours. The low bridge is open to all users Friday, Saturday, and Sunday nights from 9PM to 8AM. Follow these directions:

  • From:
    • I-5 freeway take the exit for West Seattle Bridge. Driving southbound use exit 163A. Northbound take exit 163.
    • From 99 southbound take the exit for Harbor Island.
    • From Beacon Hill/SODO get on the West Seattle viaduct.
  • Once on the viaduct you will be forced down the exit for Harbor Island.
  • Proceed across the lower West Seattle Bridge
  • After the Port of Seattle Terminal 5 traffic light get in the middle lane
  • At the 5-way intersection make a wide left onto Chelan Ave SW and proceed as described above.

Bike routes

These are also linked on the 600k route.

From the Park & Ride to the Fauntleroy ferry terminal:

After the ride from the Seattle ferry terminal to the Park & Ride:

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