New Record: 13 SIR K-Hounds

If you’ve been hearing howling, that’s our record-setting pack of 13 K-Hounds! 

K-Hound Logo

The K-Hound award represents 10,000K of randonneuring in one year. A few of our beloved overachievers rode 1.5x or 2x that distance. In total, they rode 149,880K+ (some results still pending) — that’s enough for a Galaxy and a Mondial award, or to wrap around the equator 3.75 times.

Last year, SIR took the lead for most K-Hounds in any one club with 10 members riding the required distance. This year we bested ourselves with 13, thanks to several repeats and a few first time K-Hounds.

Here are the K-Hounds and their distances as of (12/28/2014 at 23:24). And a hearty congratulations to all!


Jan Acuff (#2163) 11,134K

Rick Blacker (#2806)

Rick Blacker (#2806) 10,094K


Jason Hansen (#6652) 10,026K (first)

Hugh Kimball

Hugh Kimball (#4914) 22,651K

Joe Llona

Joe Llona (#3439) 10,128K (first)

Audunn Ludviksson

Audunn Ludviksson (#7563) 10,840K


Keith Moore (#5355) 10,391K (first)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004)

Vinny Muoneke (#5004) 15,086K

John Pearch (#5290)

John Pearch (#5290) 10,358K


Theo Roffe (#5988) 10,006K (first)

Andy Speier

Andy Speier (#3911) 10,202K

Geoff Swarts

Geoff Swarts (#4089) 13,953K


Mark Thomas (#64) 15341K


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2 Responses to New Record: 13 SIR K-Hounds

  1. Dan Driscoll

    This is incredible, and a very nice blog post. For those who plan to purchase a K-Hound Award through RUSA, we’d be happy to try to customize them for you, but may need a little help, depending on what you’d like. We could add the SIR Logo? We could add verbiage, like “First Timer”, “Four Years in a Row”, “Including 4 International 1,200 km’s” or something Clever or Cute, to personalize your Award for you. K-Hound Awards have to be ordered by the end of January 2015. Send requests to

    • Dan, thanks so much! I love the idea of the customized K-Hound Award. Vinny’s 2013 award includes “Plus 9 1200Ks” which stands out from the others and emphasizes something about his incredible year of riding. And that’s pretty cool. I think it would be very cool to have the SIR logo on these awards, too. To make sure everyone in the pack gets the opportunity to give some input towards personalized awards, I’ve forwarded your note to them via email.