Brevet Electronic Proof of Passage Trial

SIR is going to offer a form of Electronic Proof of Passage (EPP) for this weekend’s Spring 200 km brevet. This is a trial of the system. Anyone is free to participate or to continue using a brevet card instead.

The EPP method we will use relies on checking a gps track against the control locations. This is the only form of EPP that will be accepted.

If you choose to participate, you must upload your ride track to Ride with GPS. Then provide the link to the track on a Google Form. The form will be linked on the ride page on the SIR site. The deadline for submitting your track will be 5:00 PM Sunday. We will not send reminders to provide your track.

Everyone will be provided a brevet card at the start. At the finish you may choose whether to hand it in or inform the control staff you will be submitting a ride track. Failure to submit a track, or submitting an unusable track, will result in a DNF equivalent to losing your brevet card. While we are trialing the system we will work with riders to fix problems. You may use both methods if you like.

The system has been tested by roughly ten riders on two events with no problems. Feedback and testing with tracks from a wider variety of gps devices should help us improve the system, and decide whether to offer brevet EPP in the future.

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