2015 Draft Calendar

Here are some possible dates for the 2015 calendar.

Training rides
Jan-Feb – WTS
03/07 100k

ACP brevets (PBP qualifiers)
03/14 200k
03/28 300k
04/04 makeup 300k
04/05 makeup 200k

04/10-12 Fleche NW

NW Crank / Brevet Week (PBP qualifiers)
04/18-26 Brevet Week
04/18 NWC-BW ACP600k
04/21 NWC-BW ACP300k
04/22 NWC-BW ACP400k
04/26 NWC-BW ACP200k
04/23-26 NW Crank

ACP brevets (PBP qualifiers)
05/02 400k
05/30 600k (changed from 5/23 to avoid Memorial Day weekend)

Additional PBP qualifiers
06/13 Second chance 400k/600k
06/27 Last chance 400k/600k

PBP training rides
07/16 Night start 400k and 1000k (with other options, likely permanents, for 18th and 19th)
08/01 300k
08/02 200k

Fall rides
09/11 1000k
09/19 200k
09/26 100k


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4 Responses to 2015 Draft Calendar

  1. Mark Thomas

    Maybe move May 600k from 5/23 to 5/30 to avoid Memorial Day weekend.

  2. Geoff Hazel

    Just wondering: do NW crank rides also server as PBP qualifier?

  3. Jeff Loomis

    PBP year. I’m excited already! I hope we can get enough volunteers to step up and make this ambitious calendar a reality.