Permanent Route Updates

00857 Marblemount-Mazama-Marblemount, 238 km crossing Washington and Rainy Passes in both directions was recently reactivated.

Routes deactivated

The NE 195th St pedestrian bridge across I-5, dubbed the “Tetanus Tube” by some wags, is closed for light rail construction. It should reopen in July if work stays on schedule.

Concurrently, NE 185th St is heavily affected by construction that will extend into 2022.

If only one of these I-5 crossings were closed or compromised, riders could detour to the other. But with both affected, the most expedient option is to deactivate these three 100k routes:

  • 02504 Seattle Lakes and Trails
  • 02596 Luck O’ the Drawbridges
  • 03065 Green, Gold, and Red

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