PBP Tune-Up 200 Pre-Ride Report

by Mike McHale

Come join us for the PBP Tune-Up 200. The ride will start and end in the parking lot between Shari’s restaurant and the Quality Inn in Renton which were selected to dovetail with the Tune-Up 300 (Saturday, July 27).

The ride will start at 7:00 AM. Check in will open at 6:30. Please note that check in will close at 7:30 AM.

Since this is a PBP Tune-Up ride, anciens strongly recommend practicing an efficient ride (brief control stops) with a goal of finishing under 10 hours.

The course is a northern loop on familiar roads and trails—some of which we will ride in less familiar directions. For the pre-ride, we parked at the Cedar River Park which is across from (and a little bit south of) Shari’s. However, signage indicates that there is a six-hour time limit. The City of Renton Cedar River Trail website notes the following parking locations:

Parking is available at Cedar River Trail Park, Renton Stadium, Renton Senior Activity Center, Liberty Park, Cedar River Park, Riverview Park, Maplewood Roadside Park, Ron Regis Park and at Landsburg.

Update: We recommend you do not park at the Cedar River trail head.

The course goes from Renton to Lake Roesiger via Issaquah and the Snoqualmie Valley, and back around the north end of Lake Washington with a few new roads tossed in to keep riders on their toes.

As you climb Honda Hill (SE 36th), pay particular attention to the turn off to Newport Way as this may not be how you normally go and there is an info control. After the Carnation Control (Sandy’s) we head up the valley to Monroe—taking the Tualco road detour along the way. Wood Creek Road leaving Monroe was the busiest stretch of the day, fortunately, we exit Wood Creek onto Yeager and then Bollenbaugh Hill Road. Despite pre-ride grumbling about the steep pitch early on Bollenbaugh Hill, pre-riders agreed it was much quieter. We then go around the south/east side of Lake Roesiger to the next control at the store where most of the pre-riders ate ice cream bars. After pre-riders got done cursing at the ride organizer for making the group climb out of the control, we made a left on N Carpenter Road which made for a wickedly fun ride back to Machias. From Machias, it was very familiar roads and trails back around the north end of Lake Washington to Renton. There are a few non-perpendicular tracks to watch out for and remember to pay attention to the “cross traffic does not stop” sign as you approach SR 522.

We had good weather on the pre-ride and hopefully took one for the team as we waited for a Boeing parts train in Snohomish and the draw bridge in Montlake. Please note this is not a fast course and we will be sharing the trail with children, dogs, and inexperienced riders. Please observe the speed limit and keep a smile on your face as you navigate your way back.

There are store controls at miles 32 and 65, but plenty of places to forage along or very close to the route. Specifically, stores are located in Issaquah, Monroe, Snohomish, Maltby, Woodinville, and Lake Forest Park (off route slightly). There are also parks with flush toilets and water in Renton, Bellevue, Monroe (if open), Machias, Snohomish, Log Boom Park and Seward Park.

Preregistration and route details on the SIR website.

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