Permanent Route Updates

Rick Groth nearing Artist Point, 2013

Graham Ross updated 01124 Portland-Olympia, 200 km. Since this is a popular route, I am working on having the Olympia-Portland version created as a new route.

Jeff Loomis updated two routes:

Pining for summer? Here are routes you can dream about:

  • 00206 Mount Baker Climb, 200 km. From Bellingham, visit Lynden for pastries to fortify yourself for the climb to Artist Point, elevation 5090 ft, then coast home. The route was shifted away from Sumas and state highways as much as possible.
  • 02723 Snohomish-Baker Lake, 302 km. Load up on pastries at the start at Snohomish Bakery.
  • 00163 Redmond-Baker Lake, 404 km, formerly named Baker Lake 400k. This visits the Snoho Bakery early but you’ll need more than some croissants and cookies – even the Bakery’s giant cookies – to get you through this route.
  • 01555 Olympic Peninsula Spin, 609 km. This route got a few changes:
    • The start/end was shifted to Bremerton since there is no longer a motel in Kingston.
    • At Lake Quinault the route goes around the lake on quiet, scenic roads.
    • On the way to Forks the route goes inland to avoid the frequently shoulderless and busy stretch of 101 between Queets and Ruby Beach. You can opt to ride the coast if you like, but that is shorter so you will have to add a few makeup kms somewhere.
    • At Lake Crescent the route takes the newly rebuilt Spruce Railroad Trail around the north side of the lake, avoiding shoulderless US-101 on the south side.
    • These changes added enough distance that the jog out to Dungeness could be deleted.

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